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Tuesday to Thursday, and Sunday: 11am-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm
Friday to Saturday: 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm
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Our food

Based on the eight major cuisines of China, Cheng & Liu's menu is based on the Red Wall (Zhongnanhai) cooking method, transforming the finest of raw materials into sought after state banquet dishes.

If you have ever visited China you will appreciate that gourmet Chinese cuisine is very different to your local takeaway cuisine. China is a country where the preparation, care, attention and appreciation of food has been developed to the highest level. 

The art of Chinese cooking has developed and refined over many centuries. The finest dishes on our degustation menu take three days or more to prepare.

We are delighted to showcase the very best of New Zealand ingredients delivered to you via exclusive state banquet recipes and those handed down from the Forbidden Palace exclusively to the Red Wall co-founders.


Chinese Bobo Banquet

Bobo Taste Features

Enjoy a modern version of the traditional “Bobo Feast” (Royal Chinese High Tea) – the first of its kind in Auckland.  It was used in sacrifice when emperors prayed for the country’s peace. Over time is became a traditional item in the Royal Bobo kitchen.

Local Organic Tea

Widely regarded as a Waikato icon, Zealong Tea Estate is the only commercial tea estate in New Zealand, producing 100% organic award-winning tea, and a world-leading destination for tea, art and hospitality.

Sweet Almond Memories

In the traditional Royal Chinese Bobo menu, there is a selection of milk items, in addition to the Sweet and Savoury options. Red Wall 1939 uses local almond milk and adds a delicate Osmanthus sauce. The almond flavours is designed to evoke childhood memories of Grandma’s homemade almond cake.


Hongqiang - Classical choices

Family Cheng’s Braised Pork

This dish is famous due to it being a favourite dish of Chairman Mao.

The first few times this dish was offered to Chairman Mao it was returned to the kitchen. Chef Cheng worried his cooking was not up to standard. The great leader laughed and explained why: As a child, Mao once saw live cultures inhabiting the fermentation process in soy sauce workshop, this put him off ever wanting to eat soy sauce!This meant Chef Cheng had to find a way to provide a similar and equally delicious result.

Chef Cheng braised the pork in brown sauce and sugar, a recipe created especially for Mao and one that has only ever been recreated by Chef Cheng’s grandson and his chef team.

Family Cheng’s Silver Chrysanthemum Soup

This dish is another favourite. The tofu is hand cut into 108 tiny slivers. Once gently lowered into the soup, the delicate tofu blossoms like a silver chrysanthemum.

Why 108 cuts? One plus eight equals nine, an imperial number in ancient times and a number used only by the royal family.

Char Sui Salmon Starter with Scallop, crispy King Oyster mushroom and Garden Herbs

Ora King Salmon is marinated for five hours with the Chef’s secret Char Sui flavour tapenade, then finished in the oven, to lock in the juice and flavour. The dish is served with Red Wall 1939’s signature lemon and ginger tapenade, a crispy oyster mushroom and a fresh, locally-sourced scallop.


"Our carefully selected decor and the stories behind our food take you back to historic times."

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