Red Wall 1939, unique Chinese fine dining experience

Chinese fine dining cuisine in Auckland.

Situated in the iconic Parnell Rose Garden (Dove Myer Robinson Park), our fine dining degustation menu showcases the very best of authentic Chinese cuisine.

'Cheng Fu Yan', known today as Red Wall 1939, was co-founded in China by the esteemed Mr Ruming Cheng and his grandson Mr Kevin (Jian) Liu in 2005. Today, their Beijing & ChongQing restaurants are two of the most popular and heavily booked fine dining restaurants in China.

One of only 16 chefs to ever be awarded as a culinary master in China, Mr Cheng began his culinary training in 1939 and became expert in Chinese, English and Russian cuisine. He was sought out to be Chairman Mao Zedong’s executive chef, a position he held for twenty years. He continued to lead culinary affairs for state leaders after Mao Zedong, including Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zeming

Mr Cheng created numerous banquets for presidents', royalty, VIP’s & dignitaries. It is those exclusive recipes that he has handed on to his grandson Mr Liu, that feature on Red Wall’s menu today.

Today Mr Liu combines the years of training and working with his grandfather, with his extensive experience in cooking throughout China and Europe. He and his culinary team craft beautiful family and state banquet historical recipes but with a modern twist.

Mr Liu's wish is to share the gift of authentic Chinese cuisine and its history with New Zealand.

Chinese New Year Menu is available now. Only Served from 3rd to 5th Feb.